Losing a High-Level Account

Like every other game, COC does have issues. A player might lose his account because he lost his phone and might face difficult times to restore their account. But like many problems, this issue has solutions. Developers of COC has improved their support system and targeted traffic by integrating programs that help users to restore their account. If you accidentally uninstalled the app or lost your phone, you can still retrieve your high-level account by following these simple steps. 1.) Install the clash of clans app by going to the app store or google play. 2.) Go to settings. COC uses the standard icon to make it easier for players to navigate through the app. 3.) Scroll down and look for “help and support”. 4.) Choose other problems and fill out the form. COC technical support will usually get back to you within 24 to 48 hours from the time you submitted the report. IOS and Android may have different settings and interface but the procedure is the same.

Black Screen (App won’t load)

black screenPlayers have experienced the annoying black screen issues. It’s frustrating because you need to access the game and do your due diligence in managing your village, but the app won’t work. If this happens to you, don’t panic. The black screen issue could be a sign of low memory or specs issue. You might need to do a little troubleshooting to fetch files on iDigic review. To determine whether your phone has low memory, go to your phone setting and choose memory status. If you have 30% memory left, maybe it’s time for you to delete some unwanted files. However, if the issue is with spec issue, it means that your phone specs are too low or outdated. You can still play COC even if you have specs issue. Go to your phone settings, then choose Apps and look for COC, and tap on the “force close” option.

App Update Issues

COC will prompt update requirements from time to time as the developers are working on the bugs and improvement of the app. Updates are mandatory before you can continue on the game. Players reported difficulties in updating the app even they are already using the recharge vodafone which means that their internet is working fine. According to COC developers, there were OS versions that they no longer support. One example is iOS 9.0. When you experience this issue, go to the COC website and look for the list of the OS they support. If you cannot find your mobile phone’s OS, it means you have to update your mobile phone OS to a supported one.