The wait is over. Supercell has released updates on what we can expect from the game this year. Darian, the man behind CoC, said that there will be a “core” update. What does he mean by this? Whatever it is, it sounds promising. Though it is not officially published yet, let us quench your curiosity a bit.


New Characters

CoC will soon introduce us to their new characters. According to their release, there will be monsters and major characters soon to join the game. Sounds exciting right? So, try not to spend precious golds and elixir, so you’ll have the resources to acquire these new characters. However, buy targeted traffic, so your guild will have more members. It looks like wars would require high-level members because of these new characters. They can be used to defend your clan or attack another clan. They’ll have their new roles in your defense system or whatever strategies you may have in your barracks.

Townhall 12 is Here

save moneyWe have observed Supercell’s schedule in announcing town halls. It looks like they announce a new town hall every 3 years. Townhall 12 is coming just like what we have expected. According to some fans, town hall 13 will come sooner than expected after the establishment of town hall 12. This is good news for CoC fans. We sometimes get bored with the same rules and battle types. Changing the town halls including the rules and gameplay create excitement and adds a new flavor to the game.

Lower prices, Increase Rewards

Another good news to savor, CoC will launch a new rewards scheme. Active players will get rewarded accordingly and can upgrade their barracks faster because the cost of an upgrade would be cheaper. Let us also expect that this gmass alternative would bring more harder-to-defeat players. Since everyone will benefit from the lower prices and increase rewards, it would be easier for everyone to do major improvement in their barracks. To win in the game of CoC, you’ll have to level-up your strategy in allocating your resources.