Do you wonder what those magic items are about? If you don’t know how to use or utilize them, you’re in for a treat. These magic items can do drastic improvements in your village. Sometimes, using these magic items at the right time will save your village from strong attacks. Using them wisely starts with knowing what they are for.


Potions are less powerful compared to books. These potions are rewarded through your winnings. The higher tier of attacks you survived, the higher quality of potions you’ll get. There are three types of potions: training potions, resource potions, and power potions. Power potions can be used on barbarians to maxed out their level, so they have a higher chance of defending your base from attackers. Resource potion, on the other hand, will boost your gold mines and other resource houses. It will help you improve your base by getting more resource to build them. The training potions enhance your overall village. All factories such as training, resource, and spell factory will be more efficient during the efficacy of this potion.


Books in COC are considered more powerful compared to potions. They are used mainly to upgrade your barracks. Upgrades are quite difficult without books. There are five types of books: Book of everything, Book of heroes, Book of spells, and Book of building. Of all books mentioned, the book of everything is the most powerful. It can finish an upgrade in any base of your choice. The book of heroes focuses on the main characters of your village such as the archer queen, barbarian king, grand warden, and master builder. It can finish any upgrade of heroes of your choice. The book of spells helps on upgrading your resource factory in charge of making elixir and or dark elixir. The book of fighting will help you upgrade your troops but the spells will not work while you are utilizing the book of fighting. The last but not least, the book of building. It can instantly upgrade any building that your build master is working on. These books are quite rare so use them wisely.