Tricks and hacks are all over the internet. The one question to ask yourself is which of those work? If you are struggling in COC and can’t seem to grow your village to a stronger one, this article is for you. This also benefits bloggers who would want to buy cheap traffic to your website. These are proven tricks and hacks so you can advance as a gamer.


Cheating is not Always Bad

We were always taught in class that cheating is bad. But do some thinking, you’ll realize that working hard is not always the answer. You gotta work smart. According to revisitor review, players are categorized based on their resourcefulness when it comes to cheats. We don’t defile the values of hard work, we need to make that clear. What we want to say is, why would you delay your progress when there are easier ways to get ahead? So, take that cheating-is-always-bad mentality away, and learn tricks so you can advance your game.

Join a Clan

cocIt’s true what they say, “birds of the same feather flocks together.” If you want to be an A-gamer then join gamers who are already expert on the subject. This rule is not only applicable in games, but it is also applicable in real life. Let’s say you want to buy targeted traffic, are you going to consult people who are more clueless than you are? Of course not. You’ll consult people who know about novafile premium link generator account and who have a strong background about the subject.

Know the Drill

You don’t become an A-player overnight. It will take time. You’ll have to practice and do some reading. What separates A-players from mediocre ones is persistence. Regardless, how many years you’ve been playing online games, changes in rules is something that everyone has to adapt to. So in the end, you’ll be back where you first started. But that’s okay because as long as you know the drill, no rules or change of gameplay will stop you from becoming great.